Our Standards

"setting the bar high"

Our success begins with setting high standards for ourselves. We believe it is our professionalism and quality of work that keeps our clients coming back.


"a job worth doing is worth doing well"

In our PLC programming, our goal is to create fully documented and easy to understand code. We get many compliments from our customers for the extra effort we put into out PLC programs, design, and documentation.


"a picture is worth a thousand words"

The drawing set included with our documentation package is detailed and includes information that is used for fabrication, installation and troubleshooting. Pacificon keeps up to date with the latest AutoCAD releases.

Panels & Consoles

"it's not the equipment you have, it's how well you use it"

We keep a close relationship with our suppliers to ensure their continued support. With the high volume of equipment we purchase, we are able to maintain our OEM pricing structure. As a perferred user, we are able to pass these cost savings on to our clients. We also receive many compliments for the build quality of our PLC panels and console